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    17 startup competing for E4SM 2021 awards

    This year, 17 startup have been selected by GreenUnivers and Capenergies, co-organizers of the Energy for Smart Mobility forum. This year’s selection is very diverse: among the finalists, there are two startup from the shipping sector, one from the air sector, 10 from land sector, and 4 which can deal with all the mobilities. They will present their concept to the jury and participants on October 6th, 2021, from 2PM to 4PM.

    Five prizes will be awarded: one per category, the E4SM 2021 Grand Prix and the special public award.

    The candidates are divided up to three categories:

    1/ Electric solutions – mature startup

    Batteries for People, a specialist in battery performance for electric vehicles, develops and markets solutions to certify the state of health of batteries and predict their consumption. Website

    ChargePoly develops intelligent recharging stations for land-based electric vehicles. Website

    Duckt, an Estonian start-up, installs universal recharging solutions dedicated to micro-mobility. Website

    MIA (Map Intelligence Agency) specializes in data analysis for communities and mobility companies. Website

    Oke Charge offers a shared recharging service based on a box to be installed on a recharging infrastructure, open to any type of ground vehicle.  Website

    Qovoltis designs, produces, installs and manages new generation charging stations for B2B and B2C. Website

    Solar Cloth has invented a photovoltaic textile that can be adapted to any surface. Website

    2/ Hydrogen or biogas solutions – mature startup and R&D on progress

    HySiLabs has developed a liquid carrier dedicated to hydrogen transport.  Website

    Masira wants to design innovative “plug and play” biomethane stations. Website

    Sakowin Green Energy is industrializing a new generation of on-site and on-demand green hydrogen production equipment. Website

    TinHy designs, develops and installs a hydrogen distribution network with on-board electrolysis. Website under construction

    3/ Electric solutions – R&D in progress

    Air Seas is installing an automated kite system on the ships generating the most greenhouse gas emissions, in order to hybridize their engine with wind propulsion. Website

    BlueNav develops an electric propulsion system to be installed on new or old boats, integrated with the engine to create a hybrid propulsion system. Website

    CARA7 is designing an all-in-one payment system via an app or card for vehicle management and, in particular, to help reduce the carbon footprint. Website

    Green System Automotive is developing a conversion device that can be adapted to biofuels for motorized two-wheelers, watercraft and recreational vehicles. Website

    Lumi’In wants to be able to transform a traditional lamppost into a recharge point. Website

    NovPower is developing electric propulsion systems for light aviation. Website

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