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    18 startup selected for the contest E4SM 2019

    At the beginning of the year, Capenergies and GreenUnivers, both organisers of the E4SM Forum, launched a call for expression of interest addressing startups operating in the energy and smart mobility sectors. 18 finalist startups were selected and are going to pitch to public and investors in March, the 14th. A jury of ten experts will eventually select the winners.

    The 18 selected startups are divided in three categories:

    • Embedded solutions and link to the vehicles

    easyLI Batteries: Lithium-ion energy storage-based tailored-made, reliable and powerful solutions

    eBikeLabs: Shared and connected electric bikes solutions

    eHP2: conception and manufacture of electric and hybrid engine power plants

    SeaZen: Solar-fuelled boats

    • Infrastructure and energy managing solutions

    ActiveCharger: Electricity aggregator

    Electric55charging: innovative solutions for monitoring e-vehicles charging stations

    GreenFlux: Automatic and smart charging for e-vehicles

    Gulplug: Technologies to connect equipment to the electrical power supply and the internet

    Knot: Self-service electric scooters solutions and solar charging station

    Mape Tech: thermal marine energy

    Metron: Artificial intelligence-based plateforme enabling industries to analyse and forecast energy consumptions

    Mobendi: smart and connected charging station for e-vehicles PARAGON LABS : Innovative full-services and multi-energy charging stations

    Paragon Mobility: multi-service and multi-energy stations

    See You Sun: Providing innovative services related to solar-based charging for electric vehicles

    Smart Green Charge: off-grid and renewable energy-based charging stations

    • Hydrogen solutions

    Alcrys: solutions for regulating high pressure industrial gases H2SYS : hydrogen powered electric generators

    H2Sys: development of technologies using hydrogen as a fuel

    HySiLabs: Breakthrough solution for hydrogen transportation by using by a liquid vector

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