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    3 Questions to our speakers: Graham Smith, Director Sustainable Finance Unit, Global Banking, HSBC

    What do you consider as the main challenges at stake in the development of e-mobility?

    The number of charging stations and who will pay for them – the car manufacturers, the energy companies, the petrol retailers, Governments? When we consider that, in many countries, electric vehicles are less than 2% of the car fleet, there is no compelling business case for the private sector to make an investment that may take years to cover its costs and make a return…

    If Governments’ want electric vehicles to suceed they need to engage with this problem.

    How is HSBC involved in this sector? What are the main projects?

    We are looking at the entire electric vehicle value chain – from mining, battery cell production, battery production, vehicle parts, assembly, charging, smart grids, battery second life and recycling and the changes that will come with EVs – MaaS (Mobility as a Service), web connected vehicles, digital payments and digital data handling and services… And we are looking at many categories of vehicles : cars, vans, buses, trucks.

    What do you expect from this Forum?

    That the conference has a feet on the ground approach – being open about the problems and looking to suggest real world, and provide concrete solutions.


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