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    3 Questions to our speakers: Pascal Boulanger, COO Founder, NAWATechnologies

    Pascal BOULANGER founded NAWATechnologies in 2013 with Ludovic EVEILLARD with the vision of inventing conversion, storage and electricity transmission solutions that are more efficient and more respectful of the environment. After 25 years as a researcher and manager of R & D at the Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Renewable Energies in the fields of nuclear, solar and nanotechnologies, NAWA is the product of a career where he was able to confront energy problems and identify a promising solution.

    What do you consider as the main challenges at stake in the development of e-mobility?

    The main energy challenges for mobility are to change the way our vehicles are used and to set up technological solutions, but also services that make it possible to develop modes of transport in line with their real needs. As a reminder: a car is 95% of its time at a standstill and during the 5% of the time it rolls, it travels on average 30 to 50 km per day, with an average of 1.3 people transported for a weight of the order of a ton (the car … not the person). I plead to move from a PIGS model (Personal, Intra-combustion, Gazoline, Steel) to a SEALS model (Shared, Electric, Autonomous, Light, Services).

    When it comes to storage, the issue is not just autonomy, but it is also the speed of recharging, the ability to have access to many and fast recharging sources and the lifetime and waste thus arising. It is a problem of batteries but also of the infrastructure network.

    How is NAWATechnologies involved in this sector? What are the main projects?

    NAWATechnologies is developing a new generation of high-speed carbon batteries that are perfectly adapted to a more energy-based mode of consumption thanks to fast charging and great cyclability. This is the same trend that we live today with the internet and “The Cloud”: no one today wants a big hard drive or keep all his music on CDs, but everyone wants to have quick access to information, music and video. Over their lifespan, NAWA batteries can store more than 100 times the amount of energy of current lithium batteries. The impact on battery waste is colossal.

    Over the past four years, we have been working to show that we could industrialize our electrode material at competitive costs, manufacture cells battery more competitive and show through simple demonstrators how to integrate them to the best of their performances.

    What do you expect from this Forum?

    It’s a great chance for NAWA to have such a conference organized in our home region. The PACA region with its ambitious Climate Plan and its Flexgrid project is conducive to high quality developments and experimentations. We want to fully play our role as a regional player at the forefront of innovation by showing how to think differently. We also hope that the links that we will be able to forge locally and internationally with the actors of the three invited countries will allow us to attract new actors in the regions to reinforce our fledgling sector and to find new customers to develop our demonstrators internationally. This conference can also enable us to identify or convince investors to support our industrial development

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