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    Airbus prepares a hydrogen-powered aircraft by 2035

    Airbus has announced plans to be the first aircraft manufacturer marketing a hydrogen-powered airplane by 2035. On September 21st, CEO Guillaume Faury explained the three designs the company is working on, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien : « The first one is a conventional turbofan jet with space for 200 passengers, with a radius of 3500 km ; the second one is a propeller plane with space for 100 passengers, for shorter trips ; the third is a ‘blended wing’ concept, with space for above 200 passengers, which permits to study a completely different configuration for hydrogen storage and propulsion. »

    According to Guillaume Faury, it will take five years to choose the technology, and two more years to find suppliers. He also counts on evolution of the regulatory framework and infrastructure, and a large development of green hydrogen.

    In June, the French government approved a €15 billion bailout for the aerospace industry, which includes a €1.5 billion research and development fund.

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