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    Bovlabs accumulates V2G projects

    While the 4th edition of the Energy for Smart Mobility forum is in sight, October 6 and 7, E4SM looks at the first edition winners of the startups awards, in 2018. Winner of the category « vehicle-to-Grid », Bovlabs participates in European projects and plans to extend to United States. Jaikrishnan R. Pillai, CEO of Bovlabs, tells us about the growth of the Provence-based start-up.

    E4SM: How did the society progress since its prize at the E4SM Awards 2018?

    Jaikrishnan R. Pillai : A consortium has been created to carry out the Solarcamp project, gathering SNCF Gares & Connexions, Bovlabs and Nissan. Bovlabs solution is used to optimize every charging cycle enabling local auto-consumption grids especially using smart-charging and V2G. This successful pilot has lasted 2 years recording 3 million energy transactions.

    We took part of the project MAESHA-Partners in a H2020 project in Mayotte, with an objective of increasing renewable penetration and thereby build sustainable energy communities. Our role is to facilitate the management of Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and enable smart charging ; enable cars as a distributed storage (V2G) enabling auto consumption and proving flexibility to the grid ; create awareness on EVs for islanders and how it could give them better Total cost of ownership and contributing to reducing carbon emission.

    We completed a project partnering with Energie Steiermark, the fourth largest energy and service company in Austria at their customer site to enable smart charging for their existing infrastructure, integrating with HasToBe, one of the biggest e-mobility service provider in Europe.

    E4SM: What do you remember about your participation in E4SM?

    JKP : Winning the competition was great moment from the 2018 E4SM. After being selected to thecamp acceleration program this was the first recognition we received in Europe especially with the focus energy of smart mobility which was core of our vision. The visibility and networking opportunities was vital to accelerate our growth in Europe.

    E4SM: What are your key projects for the next months?

    JKP : We are part of a winning proposal for a European commission Green Deal project starting in October 2021. We also participate in a new H2020 project, OEDAS, from Turkey, as a subcontractor to optimize every charging cycle enabling local auto- consumption grids especially using smart-charging and V2G. We are looking for expand Bovlabs to US markets working on proposal with JuiceBarEV and Veloce Energy.

    Interview by Floréane Marinier

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