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    Capenergies launches the sustainable smart mobility club

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    Created by the Capenergies cluster in the framework of the FLEXGRID program, the sustainable smart mobility club gathered more than 60 professionals of the energy, mobility and digital sectors. The objective: accelerate innovation and foster common learning.

    Breaking down the barriers between ecosystems allows offering clean mobility solutions, by using both digital benefits and complementarity between electric, hydrogen and biogas energies.

    This 1st collaborative meeting brought energy, mobility, charge, transport and data specialists together with public authorities and financial backers. They shared their experiences and expectations in order to identify priority themes that could be the subject of the next workshops. Some of these themes are unmissable within the territory, such as:

    • management of corporate groups;
    • last kilometer logistics;
    • electric mobility: storage and vehicle-to-X (building grid…);
    • intermodality: land / sea / air…

    Key figures – Sustainable Mobility
    in the Région Sud

    + 85% of light vehicles registrations
     (+ 64% in France), September 2019.
    1984 charging stations
    = 1 charging point for 10 electric vehicles.
    2023 objective: 240 000 electric vehicles
    and plug-in hybrid vehicles
    2023 objective: 200GWh of bioNGV
     (yearly consumption of 1 500 lorries)
    By 2050: 100% local renewable energy
    47GW PV / 3 GW wind / 2 GW STE /
    6 GW heat recoveries
    Some initiatives currently underway:
    100% electric city bus line in Aix-en-Provence (L’Aixpress) and in Marseille (RTM)
    September 2019: 1st 100% electric interregional bus line. Bus battery life: 400km.
    The French Smart Port in Med
    in Marseille-Fos Port.
    Mobility projects
    supported by Capenergies

    40 certified projects:
    – Electric/hydrogen mobility
    – Innovative services
    8 smart energy/mobility projects, in the framework of the FLEXGRID program:
    – Deployment of smart public charging infrastructures
    – Combining renewable energy/storage/mobility
    Some supported projects:
    Intermodality FLEXGRID projects:
    Smart Airport
    High-speed train station (Aixploration)
    Hynovar territory project:
    H2 fueling station for vehicle
    and maritime shuttle.
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