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    CEA wants to develop hydrogen for mobility

    Three questions for Thierry Priem, Head of the Storage and Flexibility Solutions Program at CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique), premium partner of the next edition of the Energy for Smart Mobility Forum, on October 6 & 7.

    E4SM: What are the priorities of the CEA in the field of sustainable mobility?

    Thierry Priem: I will name several of them. First, the development of technological solutions for low-carbon mobility: new generations of batteries, from materials to modules and systems integrating management electronics (BMS, Battery Management System), technological building blocks for the hydrogen sector. Production by electrolysis, on-board storage, fuel cell components and systems, the development of power electronics for the electric powertrain with different levels of battery/fuel cell hybridization, new generations of permanent magnets with low content of critical materials (rare earths)… Then, the design, integration and feedback of the battery/fuel cell powertrain. We also contribute to the development of synthetic fuels. And finally, we carry out multi-criteria analyses: techno-economic, environmental, regulatory…

    E4SM: Could you walk us through some innovative projects in development?

    Thierry Priem: 2020 was the year of definition of national strategies in numerous countries, with an important place given to the hydrogen. We work a lot on this domain, more and more present for the heavy mobility with a craze for the cryogenic storage of hydrogen.

    E4SM: What do you expect from your participation in the 4th edition of the E4SM Forum?

    Thierry Priem: Meetings and exchanges with the economic actors of the sustainable mobility.

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