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    Charging points: + 15% in France

    28,666 recharging points are now accessible and open to the public in France, an increase of 15% compared to December 2018, according to the Gireve-Avere France Barometer published at the end of December. In the last quarter of 2019, the increase recorded was + 3%, i.e. 1,000 additional recharging points. 

    2,551 fast charging points (more than 24 kW), or 9% of the total, are now available, compared to 2020 at the same period in 2018 (+ 26%). Among these fast charging points, 27% (or 2% of the total) delivering high power (more than 120 kW). 

    With nearly 213,000 light electric vehicles in circulation, France now has 1 charging point for 7.4 cars. By including the 55,000 plug-in hybrids, France offers 1 charging point for 9.3 electrified vehicles, a ratio that remains lower than that recommended by the European Union of 1 charging point for 10 vehicles. 

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