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    Coupling photovoltaics + electric charging

    Photovoltaic electricity for recharging electric vehicles: the concept works, but is still being researched. In a joint study, the Avere association and Enerplan have looked into this coupling. To do so, they met with the consulting firm Wavestone with associations, companies, local authorities and financing bodies that are pioneers in the use of the tandem.

    The device, still emerging, is becoming interesting for companies, for economic and ecological reasons. In particular, respondents would like to use it to reduce their CO2 emissions by using energy sources other than fuel oil and gas. But according to the authors of the study, while photovoltaic energy seems profitable for the respondents, the return on investment of electric mobility is still uncertain. This could be compensated for by pooling expenses in a coupling project.

    For the time being, no economic model has really emerged, either in terms of financing (infrastructure funds, leasing, third-party investment, etc.) or in terms of the use of the energy produced (self-consumption or sale). Energy and mobility needs influence the choice of business model, according to the authors of the study. But they expect the technology to grow, thanks to the development of vehicle-to-grid, battery storage and intelligent control systems. 

    Find the study here in PDF.

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