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    Electric charging: Jedlix speeds up

    While the 4th edition of the Energy for Smart Mobility forum is in sight, October 6 and 7, E4SM looks at the first edition winners of the startups awards, in 2018. Winner of the category « Infrastructure-related solution for energy management », Jedlix, a subsidiary of Eneco, looks for reducing the electric charging cost and goes into vehicle-to-grid solutions. Guillaume Vanstraelen, Business Developer of the start-up in France, tells us about its projects.

    E4SM: How did the society progress since its prize at the E4SM Awards 2018?

    Guillaume Vanstraelen: In 2019, we launched a B2B2C smart home charging service for electric vehicles from Tesla, Audi, BMW, Jaguar etc. This service, which is free and available in the app stores, allows users to reduce their electricity bill by charging during off-peak or super hours, or from a dynamic tariff, among other things. If the user is a customer of one of our partner energy providers, he can earn up to 2 cents per recharged kWh. Today we have more than 10,000 electric vehicles registered on our platform in 7 countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the UK), and we are looking to expand the service to more brands.

    E4SM: What do you remember about your participation in E4SM?

    GV: I really liked the table discussions, in small groups, with exchanges between different actors. It is always interesting to see how the perspective and approach of some can enrich those of others.

    E4SM: What are your key projects for the next months?

    GV: In the coming weeks, two of our customers, Renault Group and Hyundai, are launching their smart charging services with our platform in Europe and Holland respectively. These are important steps towards making smart charging the norm, thanks to the commitment of carmakers, charging infrastructure operators, energy providers and consumers. In France, we are also working on experimenting with electric vehicles for system services in a project we announced a few months ago with RTE and Renault. These grid aggregation and balancing services are an opportunity to create value for the grid and electric vehicles.

    Interview by Floréane Marinier

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