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    Electric bikes: a new strategy for eBikeLabs

    While the 4th edition of the Energy for Smart Mobility forum is in sight, October 6 and 7, E4SM looks at the first edition winners of the startups awards, in 2018. Winner of the category « Electric Vehicles & battery technologies », Grenoble-based start-up eBikeLabs chose to focus on software programs, which, among other things, help to fight electric bikes theft. Maël Bosson, CEO of eBikeLabs, tells us about this evolution.

    E4SM: How did the society progress since its prize at the E4SM Awards 2018?

    Maël Bosson: To date, eBikeLabs currently employs 15 people and has equipped 500 electric bikes, within the framework of our former business model: at the time we won the prize, we were offering a suite of apps for electric bike controllers. Since that time, we stopped the hardware part and the app suite to focus last year on a 100% software approach. This allowed us to grow faster. We are seen as one of the international specialists in the field. We are also in the process of completing a crowdfunding campaign on Wiseed, which will close the first week of June.

    E4SM: What do you remember about your participation in E4SM?

    MB: The pitch part was interesting. It was the first time that we highlighted the statistics of Velib’ thefts in Paris, which are quite frightening: 20,000 bicycles stolen every year [according to a study by APUR, editor’s note], it’s something that makes a strong impression on people. It was the moment I realized that this was a very strong issue, and that’s why we worked a lot on it.

    E4SM: What are your key projects for the next months?

    MB: We’re planning a big deployment of about 100,000 bikes in 2023. We work hand in hand with bike designers: in the cycle industry, it takes a year to design, then a year to produce and put on the market. Nowadays, we are in the design phase.

    Interview by Floréane Marinier

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