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    France has nearly 40,000 public charging points

    This is an acceleration never seen before, according to Avere. At the beginning of September, France had about 40,000 charging points open to the public, compared with nearly 31,000 on January 1, 2021. “In detail, 31% of charging points open to the public in France deliver a power less than or equal to 11 kW, 61% a power between 14 and 22 kW, 5% between 24 and 50 kW and finally 3% of charging points offer a power greater than 50 kW”, says the association in a statement.

    If Avere welcomes the plan “Objective 100,000 charging points” launched in October 2020 by the ministers Jean-Baptiste Djebbari and Barbara Pompili, the goal of 100,000 charging points available by the end of 2021 is still far from being achieved. Avere is counting on the Advenir program to accelerate the pace; the scheme has notably enabled the financing of 36,000 charging points since 2016.

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