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    How to avoid EVs stressing UK grid?

    The UK Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce (EVET),the most wide-ranging collaboration between the UK’s energy and transport/mobility industries, has released the results of a series of studies being conducted to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) without putting pressure on the country’s grid network

    According to EVET, between £2.7 billion (€3.1 billion) and £6.5 billion (€7.4billion) is required in infrastructure spending to manage EV integration without affecting grid efficiency and resilience. 

    In its report to the Government, the Taskforce sets out a range of proposals to enable the efficient integration of electric vehicles with the energy system during the electrification transition. These include:

    • Providing financial incentives to EV drivers to ensure that the potential energy storage capacity of millions of electric vehicles is used to reduce peak demand;
    • Prioritising greater standardisation across the charging network to ensure it works resiliently efficiently and securely with the electricity system;
    • Establishing an independent body to promote the benefits of smart charging through a major publicity campaign to ensure EV drivers are confident and well informed;
    • Extending the principle of ‘open data’ in the energy system to include EV charge points and EVs to allow more effective smart charging of EVs;
    • Co-ordinating energy and transport planning to ensure we have the right infrastructure in the right place.
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