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Interview with Frédéric Rey, Aread

The public finance consulting firm for companies, Aread, is a partner in the 2019 Energy for Smart Mobility Forum’s startup challenge. Frédéric Rey, Associate Director, explains his strategy.

Could you explain us the activities of Aread?

Frédéric Rey: For more than 15 years, Aread has boosted business activity. Experts in public financing, we help companies finance their development projects: innovation, R & D, international development, investments, jobs, environment … A complete diagnosis makes it possible to identify and optimize different types of public aid at various levels – regional, national and / or European.

Our consultants, all seniors, engineers and / or doctors, are responsible of all the editing, management and follow-up of the project until the financing is obtained.

Companies can also benefit from training sessions onthe treatment of public aid.

How do you work with start-ups?

Frédéric Rey: Startups are a prime target for public support. Many solutions have been put in place for them: JEI status, innovation support… Many startups do not know these solutions and a real work of information and support is necessary. Our greatest reward is to see these young companies growing and thriving.

What are your expectations of the E4SM Forum?

Frédéric Rey:
For us, participating in the Energy for Smart Mobility Forumis an opportunity to share our passion. Our goal and our wish is to support the companies of tomorrow.

Frédéric Rey (© Aread)
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