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    Jedlix launches its Smart Charging service in France

    Jedlix is launching its Smart Charging service in France with three energy providers, EkWateur, GreenYellow and Plüm Énergie. After The Netherlands and Belgium, this is the third European country where the international aggregator Jedlix is gaining ground. Jedlix was one of the winners of E4SM 2018 startup contest.

    The need for grid balancing is increasing with the rise of electric vehicles and intermittent renewable energy. Smart charging offers a solution and is about charging EVs at the right time. With Jedlix EVs are charging automatically on the moments when energy is greener and cheaper keeping in mind customer preferences as set in the app. It lowers the dependency on back-up from fossil fuel plants to keep the grid in balance. The energy platform partners ekWateur, GreenYellow and Plüm Énergie reward the EV drivers via Jedlix app for every kWh Smart Charged. This reduces the home charging costs with at least 20%, according to Jedlix. Additionally, the company will optimize charging during off-peak times as entered by the driver in the Jedlix app.

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