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    E4SM programme – Complete edition in Marseille

    Day 1
    06 Oct 2021
    Day 2
    07 Oct 2021

    Opening from local, national and EU representatives

    BARITAUD Claire
    KABALT Nancy

    Round table 1: Greening the energy and transport value chain

    Main topics: renewable sources and low carbon transport fuels, low carbon charging and refuelling infrastructures, low-emission vehicles and battery recycling.
    NIZOU Sylvain
    DE FIRMAS Pierre
    DAVID Timothée
    LE ROY Clément
    10:45 am - 11:00 am


    Workshop 1: Challenges of heavy-duty transport decarbonation (H2 solutions)

    Focus: The deployment of hydrogen vs electric mobility for buses and trucks at Community level: the example of Dijon metropole.
    REUTER Benjamin
    STEPHAN Nicolas
    RABAIN Thomas
    BATTOUE Laurent

    Innovation session: Recycling and retrofit

    WIMEZ Stéphane
    ALLARD Alexandre

    Innovation session: Biogas alternative solutions

    DURAND Gilles

    Round table 2: The market revolution

    Main topics: investment, cross-sector partnership, merging & acquisition.
    SCHOTTEY Nicolas
    GAZZO Alexis
    DETOURS Philippe

    Innovation session: Embedded solar technology (EVs, infrastructures) and microgrids

    AZAIS Philippe
    SECHILARIU Manuela
    KAAIJK Paul

    Innovation session: Biofuels

    Networking lunch

    Startups/SMEs Pitch session E4SM Awards 2021

    Partners presentation


    Financing schemes to accelerate massive investment in low-carbon solutions

    PETITJEAN Jérôme

    Innovation session : H2 / LNG vessels: technological solutions and profitability

    GOETZ Tanguy

    Round table 3: The digital transformation of infrastructures and services

    Main topics: interoperability, flexibility services, cybersecurity.
    SCHMITT Laurent
    CHARRAT Bruno
    ZANGRANDI Roberto

    Innovation session : The future of charging for long distance travelling

    GAMEN Benoit

    Innovation session: Batteries, technology evolution

    Workshop 2: The challenges of e-mobility in collective housing

    Focus: the best economic model to be adopted.
    RENAUDEAU Frédéric
    PORTVIK Sture

    Innovation session : Future solutions for urban air mobility (VTOL)

    Closing session on the “Startups & sponsors” exhibition area

    TRAMIER Bernard

    Gala evening and award ceremony of the start-up competition

    Visit to Marseille Port / Workshop 3 : The port of the future

    Main topics: electricity, hydrogen and biogas infrastructure to decarbonize ports: 1st feedback and acceleration.
    MEUNIER Thierry
    PELACCHI Pierfranck
    PETON Emmanuel Marie
    RONZEAU Katia

    Visit of the National Interest Market of Marseille / Workshop 4: The decarbonation of last mile logistics

    Main topics: business models, needs for Communities, coupling solar PV – mobility.

    E4SM BtoB Meetings