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Day 1
14 Mar 2019
Day 2
15 Mar 2019

Keynote Speech N°1
Decarbonised mobility: what are the challenges ahead for energy and transport industries?

Transport energy use and CO2 emissions are projected to increase by nearly 50% by 2030 and more than 80% by 2050: in order to adress climate change and shift to...
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12:30 pm

Networking lunch

Keynote Speech N°2
Massive roll-out of charging infrastructures, financing models and O&M strategies

The lack of adequate financing models and O&M strategies, is one of the biggest obstacles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The issue will be discussed by representatives of...
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7:00 pm

Gala dinner and E4SM Awards 2019 ceremony

Keynote Speech N°3
The complementary place of hydrogen in the e-mobility

In the coming years, hydrogen and fuel cells can potentially contribute around one-fifth of the total GHG emissions’ abatement need by 2050. Indeed, this versatile vector can play a major...
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Keynote Speech N°4
From ambition to action: cities at the forefront of transport decarbonation

1/3 of global GHG emissions depends on the action of cities, and ¼ of the energy consumed by cities is for transport. As part of the climate change problem, cities are...
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1:00 pm

Networking lunch