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    Record Fundraising for Transportation in France

    2018 marked a record of fundraising in the transportation and clean mobility sector in France: €279M were collected in 24 fundraising efforts, according to a study by GreenUnivers*, a French media outlet specializing in the energy transition markets.

    BlaBlaCar, the national carpool champion, raised by itself €101M in a round led by SNCF (the French national railway company). Farther behind, the start-up CityScoot, which offers a service of self-service electric scooters, collected €40M from the RATP Capital Innovation and InVenture Partners.

    Between 2014 and 2018, French ecomobility companies completed 97 fundraising campaigns for a total of €887M (out of 85 campaigns, 12 deals remain confidential), according to the exclusive study from GreenUnivers.

    Evolution of transportation investments in France: 2014 -2018


    GreenUnivers collects information of all equity funds raised by French cleantech companies and their investors: investment funds, industrial, institutional, stock market etc.

    *GreenUnivers is an online French media specialized in economic information on the energy transition markets: renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, mobility… Founded in 2008, GreenUnivers is now a leading information services provider with daily articles, up-to-date indicators, market research, studies and events.

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