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    MOLINA Jean-Marc


    MOLINA Jean-Marc

    Conseil en marketing développement Energies et IT


    68 years, Graduated from Polytechnic Institute of GRENOBLE and HEC Exécutive MBA
    43 years experience in Electrical Business, Automation and associated IT applications
    Jean-Marc has acquired a strong expertise in Strategy and Operationnal Marketing , dedicated to Energy and Automation Markets , within the frame of major actors ,consortia, small companies, or trade associations.He acted for the latter as unifier in particlar to promote solutions and services offers
    He promoted and sized the Active Energy Efficiciency and gave it consistency In Industry and Buildings Sectors . He has a good knowledge of energy demand problematics , energy mix at around smart grids : influences in private and public buildings and for infrastructures (smart building ,smart homes and smart cities)He worked ti issue white books and referential documents
    He worked for The Alstom groups in the nuclear power plants field, for Schneider Electric ,In Industry and Building and Insfrastructures , Automation and was Deputy Manager of GIMELEC , the Trade Association in the Electrical, Automation Equipement and Related Services
    He is now acting as technical advisor on smart territories and smart grids projects for cities and municipalities as for regional Smart Grids Associations
    He was technical adviser of the smart grids clusters for the French Riviera from 2014 to 2018 He is technical adviser of the smart grids clusters of the East Regions
    He was conferences manager of Innovative City Convention in NICE from 2012 to 2018

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    W7: Smart Mobility on rural areas

    13 Oct 2020
    4:45 pm - 5:45 pm
    Grand large virtual room