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    NIZOU Sylvain

    Deputy Program Manager - Circular Carbon Economy

    NIZOU Sylvain

    Deputy Program Manager - Circular Carbon Economy


    Sylvain NIZOU, Carbon Circular Economy Deputy Program Manager at CEA, has engineering and PhD degrees. After a R&D career in several industries, including major company, SME and start up in the domains of microelectronics, environment and energy, he joined CEA in 2011. He then explored several functions and domains of energy including batteries technologies, solar energy, fuel cells and bioenergies.

    He is now co-leading the CEA research program involving fundamental and technology research teams that are studying biomass and CO2 valorization combined to low-carbon energies to contribute to carbon neutrality objectives of industry and mobility sectors. Managing collaborations on biofuels (3rd GEN) and synthetic fuels (e-fuels) with industrial strategic partners, he addresses energies for mobility in all their complex aspects with a systemic approach, including issues of resources, social acceptance, environmental and climate impacts.

    He is member of the scientific advisory committee of the European association CO2 Value Europe and chief editor of the scientific journal STET REVIEW that will edit its first papers early 2022 on Science and Technologies for Energy Transition.

    All sessions by NIZOU Sylvain

    Round table 1: Greening the energy and transport value chain

    06 Oct 2021
    9:30 am - 10:45 am
    La Major

    Innovation session: Biofuels

    06 Oct 2021
    12:30 pm - 1:00 pm