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    The 4 winners of the E4SM2021 startup contest

    17 startup, divided into three categories, presented their innovative solutions during the competition of the 4th Energy Forum for Smart Mobility 2021, organized by GreenUnivers and Capenergies on October 6 and 7 in Marseille and online. The jury, acquired by Olivier Dupont (Capenergies) was made up of representatives from Business France, Enedis, Demeter, HSBC, Smeg, Watson Farley & Williams, CEA and the Marseille media Gomet. The jury selected 3 startup, while a 4th received the public prize.
    Electrical Solutions Category Award - Technologies Maturing: Solar Cloth
    Founded 10 years ago by a specialist in technical textiles, Solar Cloth markets flexible, light and thin photovoltaic modules. Assembled in France with CIGS cells (copper, indium, gallium, selenium), photovoltaic films can be produced in any shape or size for uses particularly suited to agricultural greenhouses (patent validated by INRAE) or to road transport. (contracts signed with Renault / Volvo Trucks and with the French army). With an energy density close to 300 Wp / kg, this solution can be very simply welded, glued or even attached by Velcro. The Mandelieu La Napoule (06) company recently raised € 1 million to advance its industrialization and plans to double its workforce over the next 2 years to reach 12 employees.
    Hydrogen and biogas solutions category prize + E4SM 2021 Grand Prize: Sakowin
    Based on the observation that for the electrolysis of water consumes a lot of electricity and land, Sakowin has been developing since 2017 a technology for producing hydrogen by plasma analysis of natural gas or biomethane. Using low-energy plasma, Sakowin’s facilities require a lower capex than electrolysers and consume 10 times less electricity than electrolysers. Plasmalysis also has the advantage of emitting solid carbon as a co-product, which can be used for the regeneration of agricultural soils. Another advantage is that this solution can be installed on any methane inlet, directly at the point of hydrogen consumption. Based in Fréjus (Var), the team of 12 employees is working to obtain a mature and marketable technology by 2026, looking in particular at the air transport sector. Sakowin has raised € 1m seed in 2021 and is preparing a € 2.5m Series A for 2023.
    Technology in R&D category award: Airseas
    Motivated by the decarbonisation of maritime transport, the Toulouse based start-up Airseas has been developing its Seawing technology since 2016, an automated kite to be installed on very large cargo ships. The founders benefited from their experience in the aeronautical field (Airbus, Safran, Thalès) for the design of this kite with a surface area of ​​1,000 m2, hovering 200 m high, which should ensure fuel savings of around 20%. This technology with 7 patents can be installed in 2 days, and comes into operation with a simple on / off button, the rest being fully automated. 50 Seawings are already in the order books as the sales team perfects the business model between product sales, maintenance services and a leasing offer in preparation. Airseas is currently carrying out a funding round of € 10 million to accelerate its growth.
    Special Public Award: Qovoltis
    Founded in 2019, the start-up Qovoltis, based in Montrouge (92), does not offer radical innovation in the charging station sector but designs smart installations, made to last, having learned from the shortcomings of its competitors. Its Qometer, installed in private homes, allows in particular a regulation of the recharging current to avoid breaking the main meter. For collective car parks, its two-way terminal is vehicle-to-grid ready, as long as Qovoltis has applied to MTE to become an electricity supplier, like Tesla in Texas and the United Kingdom. Its artificial intelligence technology also allows optimal distribution of power between different vehicles at a charging point.
    Victor Cormier / GreenUnivers
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