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    The Maritime industry accelerates its energy transition

    This year, the French Maritime Cluster (CMF) joins the institutional partners of the Energy for Smart Mobility Forum. A sign of its strong commitment to the energy transition.

    The cluster CMF brings together all the players in the maritime ecosystem, from industry to maritime services and activities of all kinds. It is made up of more than 430 entities: companies, competitiveness clusters, federations and associations, laboratories and research centers, schools and training organizations, communities …

    In partnership with Ademe (French environment agency), the CMF, joined by federations, companies, research centers and sea competitiveness clusters, has decided to work in a coalition to lead the whole sector in the ecological and energy transition.

    All these players will develop a Vision for 2050. It will be operated using a digital platform to stimulate innovation and the sharing of experiences and will offer decision-making tools. The CMF also wants to give visibility to start-ups with innovative solutions to decarbonize the maritime sector.

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