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    Uber promises 100% electric vehicles by 2040

    Uber will increase the price of its French rides to 3 cts by kilometer from January 1, 2021. The company wants to finance a 75 M€ program to support drivers switch to battery-powered vehicles. Uber has set a target of zero diesel vehicle by 2024 in France, and 50% electric cars in its fleet by 2025.

    This initiative is part of a global plan: Uber vows to contribute 800 M$ to help purchasing an electric car by 2024, and promises a 100% electric fleet by 2040.

    An agreement with EDF

    The financial support will depend on the driver’s use of the application: the more the driver uses it, the higher the support will be.

    Uber formed partnerships with Renault-Nissan, EDF and Power Dot to help drivers to access charging points and to purchase electric cars.

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